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Microfinance Pulse

19th edition of MFI Pulse report is based on the data submitted to the bureau for the period up to 30th September 2023.

Portfolio outstanding of microfinance industry as on 30th September 2023 is `362,702 crore with 1,270 lakh active loans and 6.6 crore unique live borrowers. NBFC-MFIs contributes highest towards portfolio outstanding. Microfinance industry in terms of portfolio outstanding grew by 34% in September 2023 over September 2022 and witnessed Q-o-Q growth of 10% in September 2023 over June 2023.

Disbursements by value witnessed annual growth of 21% and 6% by volume from JAS’22 to JAS’23. NBFCs witnessed highest growth of 26% in terms of disbursement amount and SFBs, NBFC-MFIs by 12% in terms of loan disbursal from JAS’22 to JAS’23. Highest number of loans are issued under 40k-50k ticket size category and witnessed annual growth of 48% from JAS’22 to JAS’23.

All the delinquency buckets have declined in September 2023 over September 2022.

Portfolio outstanding as on 30th September 2023 for Aspirational Districts is `49,073 crore and it grew by 27% in September 2023 over September 2022. Loans worth `51,056 crore were disbursed in Aspirational Districts from October 2022 to October 2023.

In this edition we have covered Roll Rate Analysis. In roll forward, SFB’s have the lowest bucket movement from 1-29 DPDs to 30-59 DPDs across all the quarters.

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