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SPeX The Green Pulse

In line with Green resolve of the country, we have been working on greening the ecosystem through financial and non financial engagements. MSMEs being second largest employer need to proactively join this Green mission. In long run, climate change, bio diversity loss and other environmental issues shall impact their margins and business growth.

Keeping in view the constraints of the sector and gauging the opportunities of sustainability reporting for MSMEs, SIDBI has partnered with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to build SIDBI - D&B Sustainability Perception Index (SPeX). The index aims to gauge the perception and preparedness of MSMEs ( largely cluster centric where MSMEs reside) towards sustainability. Intent is to present it as a quantitative measurement for associations, policymakers and enablers to nudge businesses towards adopting an ESG framework in their business strategy.

This periodical index also intends to help lending community to gauge the preparedness and orientation level of MSMEs, both sector and sub sector level, and prepare their responsive strategy accordingly. This effort of SIDBI, along with D&B, may well be defined as an enabler for MSMEs to take call on ESG which is nothing but taking conscious call in each of their operations and be compliant to ESG related aspects.

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