Corporate Governance

The Bank fully embraces Corporate Governance in line with the regulatory requirements by ensuring transparency, accountability and maintaining exemplary standards of ethics. This has created an optimistic outlook of the Institution in financial space while inspiring higher levels of confidence amongst the shareholders

Information / Policies

Sr. No. File Name Download
1. Customer Services / Complaints - Nodal Officers of SIDBI
2. Policy On Bank Fixed Deposits
3. Grievance Resolution - Directorate of Public Grievances
4. Wolfsberg Group Anti- Money Laundering Questionnaire
5. KYC policy
6. Customer Compensation Policy
7. Customer Grievance Redressal Policy
8. Citizens' Charter
9. Code of SIDBI’s Commitment to MSMEs
10. Fair Practices Code
11. Interest on Pre-payment of loans under Direct Finance Scheme
12. Loan Policy Framework for Direct Finance Financial Year 2021-22
13. Interest Rate Structure - Direct Lending Products
14. FAQs on LIBOR Transition
15. Vigil Mechanism and Whistle Blower Policy
16. Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management
17. Policy for determining Material Subsidiaries
18. Policy on materiality of related party transactions and on dealing with related party transactions
19. Code Of Conduct To Regulate, Monitor And Report Trading By Designated Persons & Their Immediate Relatives And For Fair Disclosure
20. Small Industries Development Bank of India (Access to Records) Regulations, 2021

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