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Jocata Sumpoorn

Jocata Sumpoorn

SIDBI, the principal financial institution for MSME development, and Jocata, India's trusted digital lending transformation partner, have designed a one-of-its kind MSME Economic Activity Index - Sumpoorn.

This MSME specific high frequency indicator captures the economic activity of India's growth engine, its MSMEs, that contributes to more than a quarter of India’s overall Gross Value Added (GVA) and more than 40% of India's total exports. The Sumpoorn Index provides for a fact-based interpretation of the changes in the MSME sales activity. It is a relative amplitude adjusted composite diffusion index developed using consent-led and anonymized monthly sales data of credit-seeking MSMEs.

The Sumpoorn Index seeks to effectively, and in a timely manner, aid various stakeholders of the MSME ecosystem - financial institutions, policy makers, economists and researchers in strategically directing development and credit efforts.

The index will have expert's insights to empower key stakeholders and fuel the growth of the MSME sector.

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