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I have no doubt in my mind that we add to the national wealth if we help the small-scale industries. I have no doubt also that true Swadeshi consists in encouraging and reviving these home industries. It also provides an outlet for the creative faculties and resourcefulness of the people. It can also usefully employ hundreds of youths in the country who are in need of employment. It may harness all the energy that at present runs to waste.


Vision 2.0

To transform as an All India Financial Institution to create an integrated credit and development support role for the Bank by being a Thought Leader, adopting a Credit-plus approach, creating a Multiplier effect and serving as an Aggregator, in the MSME space.

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Timely Working Capital Assistance to  Revitalise Industries in Times of corona crisis (TWARIT)
  • The objective of the scheme (ECLGS) is to provide needed relief to MSMEs, whose operations are impacted by COVID -19
SIDBI Assistance to Facilitate Emergency response against corona virus – Plus (SAFE Plus)
  • Upto 100% of WC requirement against specific orders
  • No processing fees
  • No prepayment charges
SIDBI Assistance to Facilitate Emergency response against corona virus (SAFE)
  • Upto 100% financing for capex / working capital
  • A quick delivery product – loan with 48 hours
  • Cost of credit guarantee cover is borne by SIDBI
SIDBI Term-loan Assistance for Rooftop Solar PV Plants (STAR)
  • Helping MSMEs to reduce their Power bill
  • Across the segment coverage with 25 KW to 500 KW plants (indicative)
  • Loan Amount: `10 lakh to `250 lakh
  • Quick sanction and fast disbursement
Top Up Loan for Immediate Purposes (TULIP)
  • Up-to 100% finance based on 10% FD & extension of charge
  • Quicker sanction within 7 days
  • No additional collateral security (except SIDBI FD)
SIDBI - Retail Loan Scheme for Trade Finance (RLS)


  • Upto 100% finance for capex / working capital
  • Quick sanction and disbursement
  • Flexible security profile
SIDBI-Loan for Purchase of Equipment for Enterprise’s Development Plus  (SPEED Plus)
  • Upto 100% financing of high-end machineries
  • Quick sanction and disbursement
  • No immovable property needed as collateral
SIDBI – Loan for Purchase of Equipment for Enterprise’s Development (SPEED)
  • Upto 100% financing
  • Quick sanction and disbursement
SIDBI Trader Finance Scheme (STFS)
  • Flexible repayment period
  • Lower Promoters Contribution for capex
Working Capital (Cash Credit)
  • Single window for TL and WC
  • Seamless approvals
Loans Under Partnership with OEM
  • Loans for machine purchase from OEMs
  • Quick disbursal
SMILE Equipment Finance (SEF)
  • Quicker dispensation of machinery loan
  • Lower Promoters’ Contribution
SIDBI Make in India Soft Loan Fund for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (SMILE)
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Funding of part Promoter contribution

SWAVALAMBAN Bechain Sapno ko Pankh...

An Entrepreneurship Education Knowledge Series

Structural Interventions

MSME space holds within itself myriad opportunities. Time and again SIDBI along with various stakeholders of MSME space has made interventions for the growth & development of MSME ecosystem. Read More


Effective policy making is a function of the quality of information at hand.

Because data on micro and small enterprises (MSEs) comes with a significant lag, a comprehensive and concise lead + lag indicator of ground-level sentiment becomes a crucial tool for policy makers, lenders, trade bodies, economists, rating agencies and the MSEs themselves.

Till now, there was no such barometer available in India, though indices and sentiment surveys to track large and mid-sized corporates area plenty and have been in existence for decades.

While there have been adhoc surveys by chambers of business and specific agencies as one-time efforts, a continuous survey leading to an index is a first.

MSME Pulse

Information is key to decision making and if it is available at the right time, meaningful interventions can be made.

Since structured data in respect of MSME is not available during the year, no early signs are available to help taking decisions to those who matter and make policies, be it bankers or policy maker A comprehensive document based on close monitoring and tracking of MSME segment providing insights to policy makers, therefore, becomes imperative.

Till date, no such report based on a on a study done on over 5 Million active MSMEs having access to formal credit, with live credit facilities in the Indian banking system, is available.

Microfinance Pulse

The success of microfinance interventions in various parts of the globe has brought recognition to the efficacy of the sector as a potential tool for empowerment and promoting inclusiveness. The microfinance sector in India has made great strides during the last decade by adopting a wide variety of innovations in improving access to financial services to the poor.

As another major sector building initiative, SIDBI has partnered with Equifax for a quarterly report “Microfinance Pulse”. The publication will give an opportunity to look into the future prospects apart from being a repository of all that has taken place in the microfinance sector.

Udyam Abhilasha

  1. Transforming 115 aspirational districts across 28 states that have witnessed the least progress in terms of certain development parameters
  2. Provide orientation to youth about various dimensions of entrepreneurship
  3. Train 13,800 youth for providing a life of dignity by having a source of livelihood.
  4. Expecting at least 20% of the youth to be able to start their own enterprise
  5. Expecting around 10 % participants i.e. 1150 new logins to be made on udyamimitra for availing MUDRA loan