New dimensions to small enterprise lending

Addressable credit demand in Micro segment - ₹ 11.9 trillion

Women entrepreneurs account for approx. 20% of the total proprietary concerns in India

Cost of micro credit remains on higher side

These facts are driving SIDBI come up with focused interventions to support entrepreneurs in livelihood space at the bottom of the pyramid


An endeavor to support small entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid

Loans to micro entrepreneurs for any livelihood activity.

Small ticket sizes between ₹ 0.50 lakh to ₹ 5 lakh (missing middle).

Extended at interest rates not exceeding 14% to ultimate borrowers.

Delivered through Partnerships with MFIs/NGOs.

Dedicated corpus of ₹ 1000 crore earmarked for the initiative.

Women Livelihood Bond

Instrument to channelize the philanthropy funds to women entrepreneurs

Social Impact Bond launched in collaboration with World Bank & UN Women, exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

Funds sourced from philanthropy organizations and individuals at fixed coupon rates of 3% p.a.

Initial corpus of ₹ 300 crore to be channelized to women entrepreneurs through partnership arrangements.

Ensuring affordable credit to small women entrepreneurs at interest rates ranging between 13-14%.