Promotion and Development


SIDBI has undertaken over 30 CSR activities in FY 2020 across several states in the field of education, health, hygiene, skilling, environment conservation etc. Some of the major CSR activities undertaken are:


  • a. Mainstreaming Excluded Prisoners of Central Jail, Varanasi: Central Jail at Varanasi is one of the biggest jails of Uttar Pradesh and has around 1,700 prisoners (mostly long tenure jail terms/life imprisonment). SIDBI has helped these prisoners to join the mainstream by skilling them in laundry service by donation of commercial washing machine. Bank has also supported for a portable merchandise selling kiosk for prisoners to sell the products made by them to public. The initiative has helped in channelizing the potential of the jail inmates in doing some productive work. Besides strengthening them economically or psychologically, the initiative is expected to enhance their confidence and will also enable them to become job creators, once they come out of the jail in future.
  • b. Water Management
    1. b1. Desilting of water bodies in South India: SIDBI has aided in desilting of water bodies in Tamil Nadu viz. Neikuppam Village pond, Kanchipuram and Malayam Palayam Check dam thereby helping in water table conservation.
    2. b2. Water ATMs in UP: SIDBI, in partnership with Piramal Sarvajal has set up a water ATM at Village Methavari in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in Aug 2019. The water ATM provides an uninterrupted access to affordable and safe drinking water to the residents of the village. At present 119 families are regularly benefitted from the water ATM. Another water ATM has also been supported at Collectorate office, Gorakhpur for mass usage and easing access to safe water.
  • c. Renovation of Primary Schools: SIDBI has supported renovation of five schools in Ghazipur district with the help of a reputed NGO. The renovation has improved the learning conditions for the students. Water filters have been installed in the schools to ensure clean and safe drinking water for the students. Also, separate toilet facilities for boys and girls have been constructed under the program. School walls induce the children to entrepreneurship with slogans such as, “Main apna kuch karoonga”, “Hum bhi apna rojgar karenge”, “Main rojgar doonga”.
  • d. Wall Paintings, Lucknow: SIDBI has painted some of the selected walls inn Lucknow. The paintings are informative, and the objective of the initiative is to spread the message of cleanliness as also entrepreneurship – “Swachta bhi, Swavalamban bhi”.


COVID Response : SIDBI has partnered with 11 agencies / NGOs working in 9 states for:

  • i. Distribution of over ~60000 masks.
  • ii. Distribution of dry ration & sanitizers to 2000+ families
  • iii. Support to 100 livelihood entrepreneurs to withstand lockdown
  • a. Assistance to support food distribution to 5000 migrant laborers, daily wage earners
  • b. Support to Livelihood - 45 SHGs and 65 home-preneurs for mask making.
  • c. Suraksha Kawach in NER and TamilNadu reaching to 900 + livelihood vendors