Micro Lending / Missing Middle

India Microfinance Equity Fund

  • ₹300 crore fund
  • Quasi-equity or subordinated debt to smaller MFIs
  • Committed an amount of ₹199.98 crore to 66 MFIs as of March 2019
  • ₹143.59 crore disbursed as of March 2019

Responsible Lending

  • 112 COCA undertaken
  • During FY 2019, Harmonized COCA tool supported for 16 MFIs

Developmental Initiatives

  • 25 Digital Financial Literacy Programmes conducted
  • Benefitting >1,300 micro entrepreneurs across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha

Policy Advocacy

  • National Microfinance Congress to be organized on ongoing basis
  • First event with theme of "Mass Market Banking - Navigating the Change" organized during the year

Capacity Building Initiative

  • SIDBI & IIM, Bengaluru organized capacity building training on "Challenges of Managing Inclusive Finance in India"