Directors’ Report

The Board of Directors of the Bank takes pleasure in presenting its Report on the overall business and operations of your Bank for the financial year ended March 31, 2019.

Vision 2.0 has been a guiding path for the Bank during FY 2019. After a successful FY 2018, the Bank continued to achieve new milestones at accelerated pace. The Bank has persisted with its efforts to ensure credit flow to the last mile, through focus on institutional lending activities and innovative models in direct lending operations.

In line with Vision 2.0, the Bank has played the role of Thought Leader, Facilitator and Aggregator, through various innovative and disruptive initiatives, aimed at addressing information asymmetry and facilitating digital interventions.

The efforts of the Bank were recognized at international forum and the Bank was adjudged as Gold award winner in the “SME Bank of the Year - Asia” category at Global SME Finance Awards 2018.

Evaluation of the performance under Vision 2.0 confirms that the Bank has enhanced each of the pillars of Indirect Lending, Direct Lending, Promotion & Development, Subsidiary Network, Aggregator Platforms and Fund of Funds. These pillars are being strengthened and supported by key enablers of People, Process, Technology and Finance to create a sea change in respective focus areas. The enhanced Vision shall be the guiding light for the Bank’s role and strategic initiatives to be undertaken during coming years.

The performance of the Bank for FY 2019 has been enumerated in detail in the following chapters of the Annual Report.

The highlights of the performance of the Bank during the year are indicated in Part-I and the Audited Financials for FY 2019 are enclosed in Part-II.